Watch the Watercraft Safety Video

Let's talk about safety and why these are unique. First of all when you get on one of these jet skis you want to make sure you're safe. You want to make sure you've got your lifejacket on. What else do you want to do before you even head out on the water?

Once you get that lifejacket on clip that lanyard onto your lifejacket and secure it so that it can't come off in case you were to fall off the PWC. You know that's important so if you fall off the jetski doesn't just take off and leave you in the water all by yourself. Make sure you get that lanyard clipped onto your lifejacket and and get ready to go. Then of course you want to have the lifejacket on. One thing I noticed when I got on here is there's actually no brakes so that's important. Not like you're driving a car where there's a break you can slow down or ease into a stop. You can't really do that on here exactly.

You always want to make sure that you don't drink and drive so that you know again because with limited maneuverability and no brake you want to make sure you're in the best possible State to make good decisions out on the water. Reno jet ski rental jetski Reno water sports pwc.

Be safe keep a safe distance away from other boats you know be courteous and cautious out on the lake and give you know right away to other boats traffic out on the water. On a PwC the cool thing we talked about this right before. Go to all these areas that you see here a lot of these side canyons that we're talking about all of them in terms of access you can't always get to buy a big boat so this kind of gets in there you get up and close you can get right back into those canyons where you where you just can't get a bigger boat and a lot of these canyons go back in for miles and miles and miles until the best way to do that is to get in on something smaller and the jetski is a great way to do that because it's powered not like you know having to paddle a kayak and using all that effort and energy which is something I don't like to do I'd rather get on a jet ski go play go fast and just and have a good time and cruise to that canyon.

You might be able to get shots if you've got a waterproof camera that you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else not even necessarily inland because your in these spots that are really hard to access yeah a lot of people will take their GoPros with them and and they'll get some really cool footage you know winding through those canyons out on Reno and here like Reno perfect!

Thank you so much.

Today on the beautiful Reno I'll be jet skiing. Okay this is Edward from Laughlin Jet Ski Rentals sports in Reno and today he's going to be guiding. I'm gonna take all one long high-speed tour today just gonna give you the basic rundown and rules on these jet skis okay.

Alright so on the left side yeah you're whole nine yards. The steps into your light fast. This is in case you fall off the jet ski. It shuts off automatic alright. On the left side of the handlebars you have a green and a red button. This is your start and your stop. On the right side you have your acceleration. There's no brakes there's no brakes allright. Just give you a tip the faster you go the more stability you'll have. A via jet ski what you want to do this catches jetski flat up on the water so you just fly straight cause in this position you're not gonna have much controllers you can need to ride much harder for you so really easy to control and feel safe the whole time.